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Making a Real Estate Career Change

December 20, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — During the launch of our new commission plan, I tried to take the perspective of someone considering our new program.  I came to think the biggest obstacle many North Carolina Realtors will face is the problem of joining a company that is new.  Red Sky Realty Group does not have a 30 year track record. (Though we do have over 40 combined years of real estate sales experience.)  Though change can be scary it can often work out for the better.  I came across an interesting look at change in business from Richard Branson.

I think Richard Branson gave some insightful answers during this recent interview at  As part of his answer he said, “use your inexperience to your advantage. Explain that it frees you and your team to follow your vision for the industry.  And if you make adjustments along the way — not just to correct for problems you’ve noticed, but for contributions from your employees as well — you will forge a new path to success.”  As a company as long as we continually learn from our agents, we will be able to offer them the tools for unparallaled success.

A second point he made was, “This gives us, freedoms that other businesses don’t have, constrained as they are by past lessons and industry history.”  I think his thoughts fit the experience offered at Red Sky Realty Group.  We currently have the freedom to build the most innovative brokerage in the real estate industry.  Our focus is simply to give our brokers the best possible tools in order to make them as successful as they desire.  In turn they will get to keep more of the money they earn.

Hopefully, under our new program more people will be offered the ability to enjoy the freedoms of a career in real estate on the Outer Banks and in North Carolina.  If you are interested in learning more about our program give me a call at 866-999-3565 or careers @

Reprinted with permission from the Red Sky Realty Group BlogMaking a Change in Real Estate

By: Kevin O’Brien


Kevin O'Brien is Vice-President of Red Sky Realty Group an Outer Banks technology based North Carolina real estate brokerage. Red Sky Realty Group is unveiling an innovative new program to allow North Carolina real estate brokers the ability to keep up to 98% of the commission money they generate.


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