Clean Houses Generate Cleaner Renters


Outer Banks, NC – December 16, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — After showing thousands of vacation rental homes on the Outer Banks to prospective buyers over the past 22 years there are some common traits that become obvious. One of these common denominators is the condition of the house. While trying to maximize the rental income their investment generates they cut back on repairs and only preform the items necessary to maintain a home.

To put it simply, vacationers treat the house they are renting no better then the owner treats the house themselves. If the renters check into your house and it has not been cleaned properly then they are going to feel like they paid top dollar for a vacation in a second rate home. Right from the start you will have irate guests in your house and they will be there all week. While I am not saying they will take out their revenge, and some will, they simply do not treat your house with the respect you would hope for. It can be as simple as giving the kids Popsicles out on the deck as opposed to letting them eat the drippy staining mess in the living room on the furniture. If the vacationers perceive your house to be well taken care of and kept up by an owner who loves and respects their house then they vacations will also treat it the same way.

Painting a house is one of the first things that gets ignored in vacation house maintenance.  So while a house with scuffed up dingy interior paint will still get rented the renters will not be happy. Dingy paint can make a house look dirty. It doesn’t matter how clean the house is your guest will feel like the house is uncared for and dirty.


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